Getting Started

Getting started with CrossFit is simple at CrossFit Resurgens!

OPTION 1: FREE INTRO – Come in and see what we’re all about!

The best way to fully understand CrossFit Resurgens is to come experience it for yourself. We hold free workouts open to all fitness levels and ages 18 and up every Monday evening at 6:15 pm. If you enjoy day 1, then we will give you information to continue in our Fundamentals program (read more below!).

If Monday at 6:15 pm does not work for you, send us an email using the link below and we’ll schedule a free intro workout with you.

What to expect from your intro:

First off don’t be afraid of the challenge. We are experienced professional coaches who know how to progress our clients step-by-step safely and effectively through each exercise and workout no matter what your fitness level.

Secondly, come prepared to learn and have fun! During your first free intro session, we will cover the CrossFit principles and then guide you through a warm-up and scaled down workout.

We will then review and talk about why CrossFit Resurgens is the right place for you to begin your fitness journey.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call or email today!

OPTION 2: CrossFit Fundamentals (Introduction) Course ($99)

Our Fundamentals course is our tool to educate you on all things CrossFit. What is CrossFit? Why do we do the things we do? What is the methodology behind it? You will learn all this and more throughout the course. In addition to all of that, we will complete a fitness assessment, outline your goals, and uncover your underlying motivation.

We will cover all of the fundamental CrossFit exercises and topics such as nutrition, recovery, how to be successful at CFR and many more. After you complete these 3 mandatory classes, you will then begin regular classes at CrossFit Resurgens.

Whether you are just beginning to get fit or have been training by yourself for a while, Fundamentals is the starting point for anyone coming to CrossFit Resurgens.

How do I get started?

Our Fundamentals Course meets every  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for approximately 1 hour at 6:15 pm.  Groups sizes are limited so that we can give as much attention and instruction to each individual as possible.

Cost for the Fundamentals Course is $99.00 and will be included with first month’s payment.

Each session will end with a small CrossFit workout scaled to each individual based on fitness level. Bring a great attitude, plenty of water, and a willingness to throw everything you thought about fitness out the door! Oh yeah, be prepared to get your sweat on!

Click the “Claim Your Free Session” button below to get started and write FUNDAMENTALS in the message box! Limited space is available each week, so we will schedule you on a first-available basis.

OPTION 3: Private Training

If you prefer to get started with CrossFit in a more intimate environment, we offer 3 Private Fundamentals sessions for $165.00. The sessions can be scheduled around your work or other commitments and will be a one-on-one type setting with instruction and a workout. Once the 3 sessions are completed you will be eligible for regular membership. 

OPTION 4: Test Out

If you are already an experienced CrossFitter joining us from another affiliate, please contact us to discuss testing out of our Fundamentals Program. You must specifically have a CrossFit experience to be eligible for test out. Click the “Claim your free session” button below and put “TEST OUT” in the message box.