In May 2018, Lukas joined @crossfitresurgens and it may be one of the best investments we’ve made as a family. At first it was a struggle for him to get to the gym. It hurt (still does, haha!). He hadn’t made any buds yet. And he always felt like he was way behind in the class.

Now, nine months later, FIFTY POUNDS lighter and a hell of a lot stronger, Tabby and I went to cheer him on during the Friday Night Lights competition. I am one proud wife, being introduced to his Crossfit people, hearing their *kudos* on how well he’s done this past year.

His physique has improved (swipe right for a comparison pic from this time-ish last year!!!) but even more so, his mental fortitude. His performance tonight wasn’t showing off for me since I totally surprised him and he had no idea we were there!! I watched a man, sweat pouring from his face, do 26 pull ups. I remember former conversations about how far away completing ONE pull up felt. He’s come so very far ??

I watched Lukas get knocked down hard, with the loss of a dream in 2017, but he’s risen from the ashes an incredibly strong Phoenix. I’m a sucker for cool “coincidences.”

The word Resurgens can be translated into “to rise again.” It’s the word, with the Phoenix in the middle, that adorns the seal of Atlanta. It’s the motto of our city, chosen after it was burned to the ground following the Civil War, only to be rebuilt as the most dominant city in the South. It makes total sense to me the name of the gym Lukas spent a lot of time in on his rise from the ashes is Crossfit RESURGENS.

I’m grateful for this place. I’m grateful for the people in this place. And I’m most grateful for the man who committed going to this place to fight to be the best version of himself for me and Tabby. Well done, my love, well done!!

Virginia Fortunado

These two pictures are exactly 1 year apart. Holy moly! I think the pic on the left encapsulates the stress I was experiencing in my life. I know that I have felt a lot more balanced lately and I think it shows. I started at CrossFit Resurgens in September and then started working with my friend Laura @NutritionNow in January. Feeling pretty proud of myself and the progress I’ve made over the last few months!

Hard work pays off.

Leigh Ann Williams

“I’ve been sick for so long that I think I owe it to myself to get well.” – Al Sagapolutele

One and a half years ago Al weighed 422lb. Today, he weighs 268lb. He came in, did the work, and now our entire community is celebrating his accomplishments. We’re FIRED UP about life change both inside and outside our walls.

Click here to watch Al’s full video courtesy of Crossfit, Inc.

Al Sagapolutele

I found out about this gym from a Facebook ad and was really skeptical because most things that sound to good to be true usually are. They talked about body transformation and friendly motivational environment and tools to help you succeed. When I tell you they delivered in every aspect, CROSSFIT RESURGENS IS THE PLACE TO BE. I haven’t felt this good and energized in over 10 years. THEY COACHES THAT ACTUALLY CARE. #CROSSFITRESURGENS

Isiah Eichelberger

This is a great place to go to jumpstart your weight loss, to overcome a plateau or to do something that falls outside of your comfort zone! I myself was struggling with motivation and had also hit that infamous plateau with my training. Coach Jo and Coach Dorian are awesome coaches and will definitely push you above your limits!
Ree Dunbar

Coach Dorian and Jo are energetic and authentically inspiring trainers. The group atmosphere makes it less about just the goals and more about the personal progress, whatever that means for the individual.

But don’t get it twisted, this is not for the faint of heart; this is a set that requires commitment of body, soul, and MIND. You have to want it to get it – they give you the tools but they can’t do the workouts for you.

If you want a real challenge and you’re up to the commitment to make a real change, then this is for you. If you’d rather whine about life while sitting on a couch making wishes, then pass.

Chris Eatmon

I have been a member of Crossfit Resurgens for over a year now, and I wanted to wait awhile before I wrote a review because everything is great in the beginning; right?

A couple things about me: I am the girl who was an overweight as a child and well into my adult life. I was not athletically inclined at all. When I went to the gym I stuck to Spin and Zumba classes, and most definitely never ventured into the weight room. I started Crossfit in late 2013, after a major change and commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Initially I started at another gym (box), but in late spring 2015 I decided I needed a change of atmosphere because I felt something was missing. I flirted with Resurgens and dropped in on a class in Winter 2014, and I was very impressed with the welcoming supportive community.

I know Crossfit seems very intimidating, and if you told me a few years back that it would be part of my regular fitness routine I would have laughed in your face. Crossfit has changed my lifestyle, and an integral part of that change is the Resurgens community. From day one I felt support and encouragement not only from Dorian and the coaches, but from my peers as well. Resurgens is not a “cookie cutter” gym as there are varying levels of ability and diversity among members. Some members compete in competitions and some do not; however, there is consistent support and camaraderie. The coaches are very knowledgeable, approachable, and most importantly they pay attention during sessions ensuring safety and proper movement execution.

My skill and ability has improved over the past year, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that I want to be at Resurgens. Instead of dreading the gym, I look forward to my time there. I always advise people that all Crossfit gyms are not created equal, and they should look for a place where they are comfortable and feel welcome. Crossfit Resurgens is a very welcoming community, with excellent programming, facilities and equipment. I am very happy here and enthusiastically recommend this box without any hesitation!


My family lives in the area, and I play soccer at a univiersity in the area. I was back home for the summer and came across this gym on livingsocial for a great deal to try, and I’ve now been going for the last two years.

I’ve played competitive soccer my whole life and never have I felt as healthy and aware of my health as I did when I began crossfit at Resurgens. Dorian’s enthusiasm compounds on the great, welcoming attitude from the other coaches and members of the gym.

I used to sprain my ankle about three times a year playing soccer- one of the single most frustrating injuries. Crossfit at Resurgens has GREATLY decreased how injury prone I’ve become! I’ve now gone two seasons straight without injury and learned so much about my body and how to supplement it with a great diet and workouts at Resurgens. I could not recommend this gym enough! Even just for a drop-in. Come meet some great, motivational people!

Sommy K.